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  • How Biohackn glasses helps people with Diabetes?

    Our vision for the world is to reverse chronic diseases that impact millions of life, such as Diabetes. We wish to see people reversing their Diabetes or better managing their blood sugar levels in the future. Hence we analyzed data from various diabetic journals and patients to see if altering the light in their environment could have a carry-over effect on Diabetes.
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  • How Biohackn glasses improve eye health ?

    At Biohackn, we use advanced lens hacking technology to create eyewear that can block up to 99 %+ of the most harmful visible light component between 400 - 500 nm. We now know that exposure to blue light can cause toxicity in the retina.
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  • We build Biohackn glasses to increase Melatonin

    Melatonin is a hormone produced by the brain's pineal gland when the environment becomes dark and is known as the sleep hormone. It is a master antioxidant system that controls inflammation, immune function, and much more. We understand that all cells, organs, and tissues have clocks.
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  • How Biohackn glasses helps seniors ?

    At Biohackn, we believe that one can learn a lot from our ancestors, and blending ancestral wisdom and modern science is a great strategy to be healthy, happy, and extend lifespan. As we age, one of the issues that arise is cataracts. 
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  • Biohackn for Airline crew and Shift workers

    When we look at a population with probably the most body clock disruption, we think of the aviation industry. The aviation industry globally accounts for 87.7 million jobs. While designing Oli, we wanted to analyze a smaller % of that group, often known as direct workers.
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  • Why did we decide to hack light?

    Let us rewind to a couple of thousand years ago; all life on the planet evolved using Sunlight as their primary light source. Hence, we naturally slept early evening ( around 8 pm) and woke up early morning around 5- 6 am, and nearly every organ and function in the human Body worked with light signals from the sun.
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