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Pneumatic Compresssion Therapy


Welcome to the future of age reversal and peak performance. Biohackn's Compression Boots are your gateway to a world of enhanced vitality, improved recovery, and a more youthful you. Step into the realm of modern biohacking and experience the transformative power of our 8-chamber compression technology.


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Biohackn Boots uses inflatable chambers that wrap around the lower limbs, from the feet to the thighs. These chambers are connected to a pump that inflates and deflates them in a specific sequence, creating a squeezing motion that mimics the natural pumping action of the muscles in the legs.

As the chambers inflate, the pressure pushes blood and lymphatic fluid up towards the heart, which helps to increase circulation and reduce swelling. When the chambers deflate, the pressure is released, allowing fresh blood and oxygen to flow back into the limbs. This process helps to remove waste products from the muscles and tissues, which can speed up recovery after exercise and reduce soreness.

Overall, Biohackn boots is considered safe and effective for improving circulation and reducing swelling in the legs.