• Eco-Harmonizer

  • Maintaining equilibrium amidst high-frequency electromagnetic noise radiation up to 1 GHz.
Safeguard your Family and Loved ones
Safeguard your Family and Loved ones
  • Safeguard your Family and Loved ones

  • Against the invisible electromagnetic disturbance.

You can't escape the electromagnetic disturbances surrounding you, but don't worry, we've got you protected.

EmGuarde ensures top-tier protection against electromagnetic noise radiation day and night.

  • 8 Meters of Protection

  • Crafted to minimize the adverse impacts of electromagnetic noise radiation emitted by surrounding devices.

Smart Shielding for Family Harmony

Experience a smarter solution for shielding your family from electromagnetic disturbances.

Always on, always shielded
  • Always on, always shielded

  • The indicator light signifies your protection status.
Compact yet powerful
  • Compact yet powerful

  • Leaves a remarkable impression well beyond its size.
At any place, at any moment.
  • At any place, at any moment.

  • Works seamlessly with standard USB-C charging adapters globally.

Product Details

Product Specification

Product Specification

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How it works

How it works

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emGuarde -  USM Test REPORT

emGuarde - USM Test REPORT

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Safety Approval

SGS Certified CE Compliance

SGS Certified CE Compliance

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SGS Certified FCC Compliance

SGS Certified FCC Compliance

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SGS Certified RoHS Compliance

SGS Certified RoHS Compliance

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F.A.Q. F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions


What certifications do emGuarde have?

• IIIC 2017 (International Innovation and Invention Competition) 2017 – Remote distance able to speed up Microcirculation Blood Flow

Clinical Trials:
• USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) 2020 – The Protective Impact of Wireless Anti-Radiation Device towards Animal’s Blood Circulation, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

• Taiwan 2020 Ophthalmology & Medical Aesthetic Centre’s clinical test report on eyeball microcirculation blood flow

• USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) 2024 – The effective range of RF white noise suppression of Electromagnetic Noise Radiation Harmonizer

Safety Certification:

• SGS Reference No. for FCC VTMHY2304000668YEA/2023

• SGS Reference No. for CE VTMHY2304000667YEA/2023

• SGS Reference No. for RoHS SZXEC24000468401

Intellectual Property:
• MyIPO 2022: Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

Is emGuarde protected by a patent?

Yes, emGuarde is a patented technology, myIPO patent no. (MY-192775-A)

What is emGuarde’s core technology ?

• emGuarde is built to suppress specific high frequency electromagnetic noise radiation between 3MHz to 1000MHz.

• Through the suppression of specific high frequency electromagnetic noise radiation, emGuarde can help improve microcirculation blood flow.

How does emGuarde work?

• emGuarde utilizes harmonic frequencies to effectively suppress targeted electromagnetic noise radiation between 3MHz to 1000MHz within a 4-meter radius.

• The multiple layering of harmonic frequencies is strategically programmed to target specific frequencies at 36MHz, 72MHz, 108MHz, 144MHz, 180MHz and more.

• This patented technology achieves a balanced atmosphere and a harmonious environment by suppressing targeted electromagnetic noise radiation disturbances, at the same time can effectively suppress the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation affecting the microcirculation blood flow.

What is emGuarde’s coverage range?

emGuarde covers a range of 4 meters radius or 8 meters diameter

What is the lifespan of emGuarde?

With proper care, minimum 5 years

What is emGuarde’s warranty period?

1 year manufacturer warranty

How to optimise emGuarde’s coverage range ?

Avoid placing emGuarde near electronics, aluminium & mirror, or directly on the floor to minimise electrostatic interference.

Can emGuarde be powered by a power bank?

Not advisable, as different power banks have different power output, this might affect the coverage range of emGuarde.

Can we use emGuarde in a moving vehicle, example a car or train?

Yes, provided the user is using the correct adaptor specification (single output 5V 2A-6A)

After emGuarde is turned on, can you freely access electronic devices; mobile phones, tablet etc.?

Although emGuarde suppresses specific high frequency electromagnetic noise below 1GHz effectively, there are other harmful elements for example, mobile games addiction, blue light emitted from display screen of electronic gadgets may cause eye problems and insomnia etc. Please exercise moderation.

Can we still receive Wi-Fi connection or phone telecommunication signals when emGuarde is turned on?

Yes, emGuarde does not interfere with any telecommunication signals across the entire frequency’s spectrum.

Why does emGuarde focuses on suppressing electromagnetic noise radiation within 1GHz?

Electromagnetic radiation frequencies below 1GHz have potentially more adverse effect on microcirculation of the human body due to resonance effects.

Electromagnetic radiation frequencies below 1GHz may pose a greater risk to human microcirculation due to resonance phenomena.