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Biohackn Sauna

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By choosing the Biohackn Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, you are investing in your health and happiness. Step into a world of tranquility, detoxification, and deep relaxation – right in the comfort of your own home. Begin your journey to a healthier, more balanced life today.

Features and Benefits

Why choose Biohackn?



What is a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna?

A Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna utilizes advanced heating technology to emit near, mid, and far-infrared wavelengths. This provides a comprehensive range of health benefits, including detoxification, improved circulation, pain relief, and relaxation, targeting different depths within the body.

How do I install my Biohackn Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna?

Don't worry; setting up your sauna is simple and hassle-free. Each sauna comes with clear instructions and all necessary hardware for easy assembly. No special tools are required, and you can enjoy your sauna in no time.

What are the dimensions of the saunas?

Our 1-person sauna dimensions are 90*90*190 and weights 100 kgs,and the 3-person sauna dimensions are 150*120*190 and weights 153 kgs

Is the tempered glass safe and durable?

Yes, the 8mm tempered glass used in our saunas is both safe and durable. It ensures a secure environment while providing a stunning view of your surroundings.

What are the health benefits of infrared heat therapy?

Infrared heat therapy offers a range of health benefits, including detoxification, improved circulation, pain relief, relaxation, and stress reduction. It can also aid in skin health and promote an overall sense of well-being.

How long should I use the sauna for each session?

Sauna sessions typically last between 20 to 30 minutes, but it ultimately depends on your comfort level and individual needs. It is essential to stay hydrated and listen to your body during your sauna sessions.

Can I use the sauna every day?

For most people, using the sauna daily is safe and beneficial. However, we recommend starting with shorter sessions and gradually increasing the duration to allow your body to adjust to the heat.

Can I listen to my own music in the sauna?

Absolutely! Our saunas are equipped with double speakers and Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to connect your favorite devices and enjoy your preferred music or guided meditation during your sauna sessions.

How does the Oxygen Ionizer work?

The built-in Oxygen Ionizer continuously circulates fresh air within the sauna, helping to purify the environment and ensure a steady supply of oxygen during your sessions.

Is Canadian hemlock wood environmentally friendly?

Yes, Canadian hemlock wood is sustainably sourced and known for its eco-friendly properties. It is resistant to moisture and insects, making it an ideal choice for saunas that last for years.

Can children use the sauna?

We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before allowing children to use the sauna. In general, children under the age of 12 should be supervised by an adult during sauna sessions.

What is the warranty for Biohackn Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas?

Each sauna comes with a [insert number]-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. Please refer to our Warranty Policy for more details.