Blue Light Glasses

Who doesn't love being in front of a screen and connected most of the time? We certainly do. However, screens also cause eye strain, fatigue, blurry vision, and headaches! Even describing that gives us a headache. Yikes! Our hack: Fashionable, trendy, and science-based eyewear that will protect your precious eyes from the harmful effects of blue lights.

Reduce digital eye strain

Reduce fatigue

Improve focus

Reduce damage to the retina

  Help people sleep faster and better

Help with hormone regulation

How does it work?

Blocking Artificial light can

Help to adjust the body clock.

Help lose weight

 Help reduce stress

 Help reduce anxiety and depression

Help reduce blurry vision

Help with shift work-related health issues

Help increase melatonin levels

Help manage blood sugar levels

Help manage heart health.

Increases productivity 

Help with shift work-related health issues

How do the glasses work?

We've developed 3 special lenses after looking into the science of circadian and chronobiology. Biohackn's glasses are designed to filter and manipulate light that travels at various spectrums between 400 - 500 nm, most of which are detrimental to health at multiple times of the day.
We took care of the science and style so you can be protected at all times of the day.

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Our Luminous series blocks up to 40 % of the harmful blue light. Most of us are exposed to blue light all day long while working, studying, browsing through Instagram, or being under artificially lit environments. We designed Luminos to block up to 40 % of the harmful spectrum of blue light while allowing some blue light that can be beneficial for :

  •  Being alert
  • Having a better mood 
  •  Better motivation.

We are proud to share a lens technology that filters only the light that causes headaches, eye strain, and damage to the eye.

Luminos are suitable for anyone who works on a screen all day and people who have set a standard for uniforms and would still like to protect themselves from blue light, such as hotel staff, airline crew, military personnel etc.

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Cocktail hour

We designed our cocktail hour collection to block up to 75 % of the blue light. We recommended using them towards the latter part of the afternoon and early evenings. Cocktail hour is designed to replicate the natural decline of blue light in nature. As the day progresses, we have less blue light available from the sun. This signals our body clocks and hormones to perform their function optimally.

We designed Cocktail hour so you could enjoy your evenings and still protect your eyes and body from the blue lights' harmful effects.

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Struggling to sleep better? Well, you aren't alone; it is estimated that :

  • 62 % of the global population doesn't sleep well.
  • 8 in 10 adults want to improve their sleep.
  • 44 % of adults say their sleep has gotten worst in the last 5 years.

So you aren't alone. One of the best ways to optimize your sleep is to correct your body clock, also known as Circadian Rhythms. These daily rhythms are highly sensitive to light and depend on a tiny group of neurons in a region of the brain called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN).

With our Dream collection, we can hack that region of the brain!

SCN is affected by spectrums of light that fall under blue, green, and violet. With Dream, we can block up to 99.99 % of those spectrums. By blocking these lights from entering the retina, we can trick the brain into a calm state, making you fall asleep faster by increasing melatonin levels to induce more profound and restful sleep.

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Little Angels

At Biohackn, we are concerned about children's exposure to artificial blue light. Children are much more sensitive to blue light effects because their eyes are not fully developed until they are 15. In addition, the lens behind the iris that allows us to focus ( crystalline lens ) is more transparent in children, allowing for more significant damage to be caused.

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