How Biohackn glasses improves productivity ?

How Biohackn glasses improves productivity

The year 2020 is where we have seen that the global average screen time increased drastically. As most of us now have to work and learn from home, we usually spend more time in front of Digital screens. Reports from Nielsen show us that media consumption has increased by 60 % since March 2020.

We know that blue light is harmful to everyone. Therefore, we decided to investigate further how many people worldwide are harming their health by staring at a digital device. We found that :People on average now spend over 13+ hours on screens per day since Covid - 19 has emerged.

• Globally over 77% of employers are now requesting specific insurance or benefit plans which can cover their employee's health impacts caused by staring at a digital screen.

• Globally nearly 8 out of 10 or 94% of eye care professionals ( Including ourselves at Oli ) estimate that blue light is causing negative impacts on their concerned individuals' mental and physical health.

      Some of the stats cited by eye care professionals from excessive blue light exposure from digital screens include:

      • Dry eyes ( 70%)
       Blurred vision (54%)
       Headaches ( 63%)
       Sleep disruption (76%)
       Reduced productivity ( 46 %)

            When we sit in front of our favorite screens, it affects us by reducing our productivity at work and increases stress created by the lack of productivity. We highly encourage employers and corporations to understand these trends as many of the employees are now suffering from "computer vision syndrome." When we analyzed the computer vision syndrome, we found that it happens due to near vision and blink rate. First, near vision happens as screens usually are within a foot away from the eyes, which forces the muscles in the eye to focus at a close distance, resulting in the muscles starting to lose energy and getting tired, causing symptoms like headaches and pains. Secondly, the blink rate is the number of times a person blinks every minute. When working in front of a computer screen, a person's blink rate is known to decrease by 50 %. Less blinking can reduce creativity and productivity as blinking allows for the distribution of tears across the eyes, which keeps them lubricated. In addition, due to extended exposure to blue light and a decrease in blink rate, dry eyes can result in symptoms such as blurred vision, eye redness, and burning. All of these factors combined can decrease employees' creativity and productivity at work.

            Blue light from the screen also excites brain regions, making it difficult for employees to fall asleep. Low levels of sleep can impact decision-making and creativity. In addition, they can cause a host of other illnesses and diseases such as diabetes, increasing healthcare costs for the employer and the organization. To address the productivity issue, we designed Biohackn glasses to be worn during the day, which can effectively filter and block up to 70 % of the harmful blue light from the screen. In addition, our special red lenses block 99% + of the blue light in the evening hours, which can naturally reduce the sleep hormone melatonin's suppression and help employees get good quality sleep.