Why did we decide to hack light?

Let us rewind to a couple of thousand years ago; all life on the planet evolved using Sunlight as their primary light source. Hence, we naturally slept early evening ( around 8 pm) and woke up early morning around 5- 6 am, and nearly every organ and function in the human Body worked with light signals from the sun. Let us fast forward today, where modern technology has helped us light nearly every place on earth.

We then turned to the most powerful light source in the world, " Sunlight," and found that Sunlight consists of various colors such as green, blue, orange, yellow, and violet light, which is referred to as the visible light spectrum. We found that blue light, especially between 400nm - 500 nm, can negatively affect health, especially when exposed to it after sunset.

In our research, we found that the shorter the wavelength of light, the higher its energy. When we look at the light spectrum, blue light falls at the beginning between 400-500 nm. The light in our environment and our devices is exceptionally high in the blue spectrum; hence constant exposure can cause everything from digital eye strain, headache, fatigue, inability to lose weight, anxiety, stress, and depression.

The light coming from the sun is not constant either; it fluctuates at various times, which means the visible light spectrum and blue light significantly change during the day. Hence, we have designed special glasses to be worn during the day, which block some blue light, which helps mimic the sun's blue light exposure at various times. After studying the erratic movement of the sun and the different light spectrum at various times of the day, we designed our collection to have three light hacking lenses :

Luminos: This blocks up to 40 % of the blue light. These looked like ordinary lenses and are designed for people who wanted some protection yet do not want to use a colored lens. We recommend clear lenses to be worn mainly during the day. The clear lenses help block some but not all of blue light. These glasses allow for the positive effects of blue light exposure during the day, such a being alert, having a better mood, and motivation. In addition, the lens technology allows us to filter lights that cause headaches, eye strain, and damage to the eye.

Luminos lenses are suitable for anyone who works on a screen at an earlier point in the day or people who have set a standard for uniforms and would still like to protect themselves from blue light, such as hotel staff, airline crew, military personnel. Etc.

Cocktail hour: We designed these to block up to 70 % of the blue light and are suitable to wear most of the day and towards the evening, primarily if one works in an indoor environment full of blue light.

Dream: We designed our sleep collection to effectively block not just blue but also other spectrum similar which are similar to the light from the sun, such as green and violet, which can trick the brain into thinking there is some sunlight present outside, reducing the amount of Melatonin produced in the Body. Oli is proud to block up to 99% + of blue, green, and violet light. Our Dream collection has to be worn in the evenings, or anytime someone is preparing to go to sleep as Oli helps alter the light hitting the retina, which can induce deeper and restful sleep.