Why blocking and filtering blue light via Biohackn’s special lenses can enhance your health and longevity?

Why blocking and filtering blue light via Biohackn’s special lenses can enhance your health and longevity?

When one looks back at their childhood almost, everyone has been warned not to sit in front of the television. The famous saying goes that if one watches much T.V., it will not be great for one's eyes. While there have been many shifts in the way people think through the decades, the thought of not staring at a powerful light source still stays the same. Nowadays, we do not choose to work digitally and be present in front of a digital screen. Constant exposure to screens is probably why big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung have introduced features such as night mode and screen time, which discourages individuals from lowering their exposure to screens use their devices.

The type of light we see falls in a spectrum between 400 nanometers and 760 nanometers. However, one of our interests is called " Blue Light, "Which is high-energy visible light (HEV). Blue light falls under the natural light spectrum and came from only the sun for most of history. All forms of light have the power to change our biology by sending evolutionary biological signals, which allow our cells, tissues, and organs to function rhythmically. The problem is that most of our devices, lights on the street, airports, and offices emit blue light, which confuses parts of the brain to believe the sun is shining outside. Looking deep in chronobiology and genetics, we have now found that exposure to artificial blue light at night can speed up signs and symptoms which promote aging and diseases.

Most people think only a part of our retina, which detects light, gets damaged with prolonged exposure to this blue light. However, there are so many ways blue light harms us. To provide a solution to this global aging problem, we created unique eyewear that can filter and block specific frequencies of harmful light that make people sick and unhealthy. Some of the most common issues that happen to everyone are :

Poor sleeping patterns: This is because blue light can suppress our Body's sleep hormone and a powerful Melatonin antioxidant.

Eye strain: Occurs as one's eyes absorb all the energy coming from this High energy visible light.

Migraines and headaches: This is very commonly associated with eye strains.

Cognitive impairment: This happens as we lose our ability to focus, especially after getting headaches.

Blurry Vision: This happens as our eyes' natural filters cannot cope as we keep looking into our devices.

At Biohackn, we believe that blue light can do much more than that. It can cause people to gain weight, increase the risk of breast cancer, hormonal changes, and destroy organ health, causing diseases like Diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and ultimately aging. At Biohackn, we carefully designed our glasses as a tool for adults and children. We know that the future of our planet and us as a society depends on children. So we wanted to equip children with the power of better sleep, enhanced mood, thoughts by designing our kid's collection as we identified kids as being high risk.

Most children do not develop the parts of their eyes, such as the cornea, until 14. This slow development makes them more vulnerable to eye problems and less protected from their adult counterparts.

At Biohackn, we believe that light can affect human chronobiology more than any drug on the market. We then looked at world behavior and health data. For example, we learned that most people use a tablet or phone to read or check notifications before sleeping. In addition, many studies have induced a circadian phase delay effect ( Change in timing system ) and melatonin suppression, reducing sleep quality and cognitive performance the following day.

Understanding this global issue of always being hyperconnected, we specially designed our red lenses to be worn 2 hours before sleeping, which blocks 99% + of the blue light from these screens, increasing melatonin levels and providing better sleep.

When we analyzed the light that comes from various T.V.'s and phones, we understood that besides the shift in the circadian timing system and suppression of Melatonin, blue light is also toxic to the eye. This phenomenon is also known as phototoxicity. As blue light has the highest photon energy in the visible spectrum, it can penetrate the cornea and the lens to reach the retina. Chronic Penetration of the cornea eventually leads to retinal damage. Therefore, we use special lenses in Oli to filter and block the blue light from reaching the retina.

In our next step, we tried to understand how light affects us. We learned that if a high luminance source of light comes into the field of view ( this is when you are watching videos on your smartphone ). Even if the exposure is not very harmful, it results in glare, dazzle, and inability to carry out visual tasks - think about it. Every time we view our phones/ laptops, allow these devices to be straight in our field of vision. Artificial light can alter the signals transmitted via the retinal photoreceptor cells into nerve impulses to the brain's command center known as the Hypothalamus. Hypothalamus controls functions like hunger, thirst, hormone secretion, sleep patterns, and temperature regulation.

We made the Biohackn glasses after taking a deep dive into Circadian Biology and Neuroscience. Our goal was to find an easy way to recalibrate all the suprachiasmatic nucleus synchronized clocks. Our primary aim was to influence the clocks involved in processes like xenobiotics detoxification, cell division, and nutrient metabolism, which we think are crucial to health and longevity.

After completing our research, we wanted to understand why blue light's effects are not known to the general public and what the other health regulators worldwide are doing? We were happy to find out that.

The French Health Agency (ANSES) and the scientific committee on emerging and newly identified health risk ( SCENIHR ) told people about the long term effects of exposure to blue-rich light on human health that there was a potential phototoxic risk on the retina and potential negative impact to on sleep and non-visual circadian biology.

The American medical association (A.M.A.) recognizes that "exposure to excessive light at night, including extended use of various electronic media, can disrupt sleep or exacerbate sleep disorders, especially in children and adolescents." The A.M.A. also states that "disruption of circadian rhythmicity and sleep from the indiscriminate use of electric light at night may well increase risk of many of the diseases of modern life, including not only certain cancers but also obesity, diabetes, and psychiatric disorders."

In Tokyo, in 2013 there was an international symposium of blue light society formed, which collaborates with the Japanese ministry of education, culture, and sports, science and technology (Mext) and has taken initiatives to inform the general public about the dangers of blue light rich devices to protect their younger population.