We used Circadian and chronobiology to make Biohackn

We used Circadian and chronobiology to make Biohackn

The human body has evolved to be synced to the sun's movement, and we have been programmed to respond to the sun's rise and fall through millions of years. This process is called the body clock or the circadian rhythm. It affects every primary function in our bodies, including our sleep, digestion, hormones, fat loss, muscle gain, alertness, gene expression, and heart health.

Most of the functions in the body are governed by our famous body clock. Most people think that the body clock refers to one clock. However, the reality is that as humans, we have one master clock in the brain and multiple other clocks located in various cells and organs ( We have trillions ) known as the peripheral clocks. Our body clock is regulated by a tiny cluster of neurons ( nerve cells ) called the suprachiasmatic nuclei, which receive instructions on how to run the show via the light in our environment. The light we are referring to is Sunlight. Sunlight and many other artificial forms of light from our phones, laptops, devices, and street lights, share a similar light spectrum called blue light. These light sources send environmental photic input ( signals ) via a specialized subset of photoreceptive retinal ganglion cells (specific cells located in the retina ) to the brain to release chemicals and hormones at various times of the day. 

We understand that light is powerful when it comes to health and our modern lifestyle is full of artificial blue light. Many studies now show this artificial light at night to be a key driver of conditions like aging. We now know that exposure to the wrong light at various times of the day involves age-related disorders such as depression, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cancer. Blue light causes these negative impacts. In addition, it is a critical driver in the disruption of the body clock via changing the timing at which all clocks operate (circadian rhythm) and causing sleep deprivation- which is now a global problem. Looking at all the data and science around circadian biology and genetics, we created unique eyewear to improve people's quality of life and health.

Light exposure is one of the most prominent players in how our body clock operates; we created Oli because these body clocks are responsible for physiology, metabolism, and behavior in humans. When we sleep late, watch much entertainment from screens, we chronically damage our body clock; any disruptions in this system are risk factors for psychiatric disorders, gastrointestinal alterations, sleep, cognitive impairments, and breast cancer.

We designed our special glasses to improve longevity as a potential nonpharmacological approach to enhance the rate at which people can move towards healthy aging and reduce the global healthcare burden.