Rejuvenate your body with the most advanced and powerful red light therapy ever created

Light Therapy

Light Therapy has been one of the oldest recorded systems for healing used by the Indians, Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks. We combined that knowledge and harnessed the power of two of the best kind of light for your health and wellness.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Improves Skin Health

Promotes Cellular Health

Improves Circulation

Reduces Recovery Time

Reduces Inflammation

Increases Fertility

Reduces Pain

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How does it work?

Biohackn's Light therapy devices use evidence-backed Red, and Near-infrared light backed up by the science of Photobiomodulation.

Most of red light absorbed by your skin, leading to increase of collagen production and optimal skin health.

660NM: 850NM = 1:1
Provides ultimate versatility for overall health by delivering an equal percentage of both red light at 660NM and near infrared light at 850NM.

Near infrared light penetrates deeper within your body-enhancing muscle recovery and reducing join pain.

Benefits of Red and Near-Infrared light
on human body

Light Therapy Devices

We know that one size doesn't fit all! This is why be built multiple sized panels using the same technology to match your individual needs.

Yoga, exercise, travel, work, and so much more are now possible with our functional mats. So what will you use them for?

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All our panels can be installed horizontally or vertically using a stand or our pannel base.

Anti-aging made simple with Biohackn's light therapy devices

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