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What if the missing piece to reaching your weight reduction, anti-aging, and health objectives was light? Of course, everyone knows the importance of vitamin D derived from sunshine (from UV light). Few people are aware that another form of light — red and near-infrared light – may be just as...
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What if the missing piece to reaching your weight reduction, anti-aging, and health objectives was light?

Of course, everyone knows the importance of vitamin D derived from sunshine (from UV light). Few people are aware that another form of light — red and near-infrared light – may be just as crucial to our health (also referred to as photobiomodulation.)

As the world grows digital and UV rays become damaging to health, the demand for low-cost procedures and equipment has become critical.

Red and infrared light are now cutting-edge wavelength technologies for various applications. For example, these lights are used to ensure the safety and quality of a range of jobs.

You'll be able to see and accomplish more than your competitors if you have the correct red and near-infrared light torch in your palm.

What are Red Light Therapy and Near-Infrared Light Torch?

The electromagnetic spectrum, which includes red and near-infrared light, is the spectrum of light released by the sun. These light wavelengths are "bioactive" in humans, which means they alter the operation of our cells. Electromagnetic waves range from 0.0001 nm (gamma rays and x-rays are tiny) to centimeters and meters (radar and radio waves).

Our Biohackn Beacon Red and Near-Infrared Light Torch has several advantages and may use as a comprehensive health regimen. For example, light therapy can help speedier healing, immunological boosting, anti-aging, mood enhancement, muscular rehabilitation, Etc.

The Biohackn Beacon Red and Near-Infrared Light Torch safely deliver proper wavelengths and energy levels of Red and Near-Infrared Light in the comfort of your home—most people find it pleasant and peaceful!

The BIOHACKN BEACON is one of our most potent portable products, with high output multi-wave LED technology. It provides expert treatment outcomes in a tiny, mobile, and cost-effective form. It works by releasing a mix of Red Light (660nm) absorbed by your skin, leading to enhanced collagen formation and ideal skin health.

Near-Infrared Light (850nm) penetrates deeper into your body, improves muscle recovery, and reduces joint discomfort. The beacon gives optimal adaptability for general health by emitting an equal quantity of red Light and Near-Infrared Light. The torch is perfect for focused therapy of the face or particular body areas.

Easy and Convenient

The Biohackn Beacon is simple to use, and you might be on your road to more significant health with the press of a button. With a wrist strap and a zipped carrying bag, Biohackn Beacon s lightweight and easy to transport for on-the-go therapy.

Biohackn's Anti-aging light technology.

The Biohackn Beacon uses 630, 660, and 850 wavelengths, allowing our device to penetrate deeper with red and infrared light.


The Biohackn Beacon is the world's best-targeted pain relief device. We designed it to work for common problematic areas such as the specific back, neck, shoulder, knee pain, and muscular tiredness or soreness.

You deserve to be pain-free.

Biohackn Beacon can be a valuable ally in your journey to feeling healthy and fantastic. You've earned it!


Self-care gifts for men and women are meaningful birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, or Father's Day presents.

About the product:

  • Biohackns Beacon is intended for use in more concentrated areas. Durable, high irradiance, and portable
  • Batteries are required to recharge the Beacon
  • Spectrum: 630 nm, 660 nm, and 850 nm
  • We use Stainless steel

What you need to know about Biohackns Beacon

Red light treatment is more than just the color red. It employs wavelengths from visible (red) and invisible (near-infrared) spectrums. You may have heard it referred to as low-level light treatment (LLLT), photobiomodulation, or even low-level laser therapy, which are all words used in scientific investigations on red light therapy.

Here are two brief technical notes to assist you in preventing confusion:

  1. Near-Infrared Light is technically in the infrared spectrum, albeit it has a shorter wavelength of 780 to 1200 nm. This is when the body continues to interpret energy as light rather than heat.
  2. Low-level laser treatment is similar to red light therapy in that it uses the same wavelengths. However, it delivers light to the skin using low-level or "cold" lasers, distinguishing it from red and NIR light therapy devices, which employ light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs rather than lasers. Low-level laser treatment is often reserved for clinical settings, although a wide range of red/NIR light devices is accessible for home-usage.

Even though lasers are widely employed in research, LED, light treatment devices are becoming increasingly popular. It is due to advancements in LED technology and the fact that these gadgets are acceptable for consumer usage, implying that the effects may be recreated at home. Due to the saftey and ease of use, at Biohackn we decided to use leds instead of lasers.

Biohackn Torch FAQs

Enhanced cellular energy, decreased inflammation, increased collagen formation, and increased blood flow are the most prevalent and powerful benefits of red and NIR light.

The distinction is that longer-wavelength NIR light may permeate more profound into the body's tissues than red light.
Professionalism: if you belong to medical apparatus and instruments, have a registration certificate for medical device and tools, or have many non-medical apparatus and instruments. The most important factor is if the light source is pure: the bulb, and whether the wavelength is 760nm2000nm medical-grade near the infrared light source. Whether or not the light is uniform and how large the illumination area is.

Whether it is safe to use: whether the material is excellent, whether the irradiation will leave a burned taste, whether it will fall over when installed at home.
Yes, it is possible. Red light treatment does not interfere with melatonin synthesis; on the contrary, it encourages it.
Yes. If you do too much, the favorable effects fade since you stress the cells further. Just keep it to less than 15 minutes per location daily, and you'll be OK. More than that, and you'll simply be ruining the good.
Most people immediately notice an increase in energy and pain relief. The rule of thumb for more dramatic results is eight weeks of daily usage. Why is it eight weeks? The majority of skin benefit trials last eight weeks. Some people immediately see a difference with other services, such as muscular aches and joints, while others might take up to 8 hours after usage to experience the full impact.

Furthermore, for more systemic whole-body health advantages (such as muscular growth during strength training), it may take many weeks to notice a change once per day. Biohackn suggests treatment for five days, then resting for two days before repeating this cycle for optimum effects.

Remember that it works by assisting your cells in doing their jobs better. Thus it is still up to your cells to complete the task once they have received the boost. Eat healthily, remain hydrated, and try to decrease stress as much as possible if you want to improve your outcomes.
Your red light treatment gadget should not be used in a sauna. The panel's components are overheating. We recommend going to the sauna first, followed by your red light therapy session, or vice versa.
There are no hard and fast guidelines. However, it is typically advisable to begin cautiously.

You might begin with a few minutes of red light treatment each day, eventually increasing to 10 minute sessions three to five times per week.

Before beginning red light treatment, check your doctor, especially if you are treating any chronic diseases, eyes, or other susceptible sections of your body.
Red light treatment has been studied for some time by researchers. However, there haven't been many studies on it, and no one knows if it's better than other sorts of treatment used to help you recuperate. Red light treatment may be beneficial for:

· Osteoarthritis. According to one study, red and infrared light treatment reduced osteoarthritis-related pain by more than 50%.

· Tendinitis. A short trial of seven persons found that RLT reduces inflammation and discomfort in people with Achilles tendonitis.

· Wrinkles and other skin aging and damage signs According to research, RLT may assist in smoothing your skin and reducing wrinkles. RLT can also help with acne scars, burns, and UV sun damage.
Thousands of peer-reviewed medical research and clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of red light treatment. The research has yielded highly favorable outcomes, with virtually no side effects or health hazards. Therefore, we recommend that our consumers conduct a PubMed search for peer-reviewed medical papers and clinical trials, including red and near-infrared light treatments.

We addressed how utilizing Biohackn Beacon Red and Near-Infrared Light Torch together can magnify each wavelength's advantages and assure more thorough therapy in this description.

Learn more about the Biohackn Beacon, the most potent red light therapy device on the market, and visit to learn about the numerous, often surprising, ways that red light therapy may improve your health and wellbeing.
Because red light therapy works at the cellular level, it is critical to be patient, consistent with the treatment, and allow your body to repair.

This might take anywhere from one to four months for most illnesses while individual cells recover and restore normal functioning, creating new healthy cells.

You might also use red light treatment regularly to keep your results.

If you're an athlete looking to maintain top physical conditioning, someone who wants to turn back the clock on your face and restore a more youthful appearance, or someone suffering from a persistent skin issue, this can be useful
At Biohackn, we utilized and tested our products with excellent success after thoroughly investigating the benefits of Red and Near- Infrared Light Therapy. As a result, we've chosen to broaden the selection and offer a high-quality Red and Near-Infrared Torch, an accessible and helpful alternative for everyone! Our goods are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent illness. Instead, our goods are low-risk items for general wellbeing and fitness.