Anti-Aging Mask (Gold)

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Biohackn Anti-aging Mask uses our same anti-aging light technology to deliver Low-level light therapy (LLLT), delivered through best-in-class light-emitting diodes for optimal efficacy. In a flash, you'll have brighter, firmer, younger-looking skin. We designed our mask keeping simplicity in mind, so we chose 3 of the most effective light spectrums...
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Biohackn Anti-aging Mask uses our same anti-aging light technology to deliver Low-level light therapy (LLLT), delivered through best-in-class light-emitting diodes for optimal efficacy. In a flash, you'll have brighter, firmer, younger-looking skin. We designed our mask keeping simplicity in mind, so we chose 3 of the most effective light spectrums for a younger-looking you.

The world's most effective Anti-aging mask

The Biohackn Mask delivers red, blue, and orange light sources using the biological phototherapy principle. Causing enhanced skin metabolism causes the skin to be transparent and luster effectively reduces acne, stimulates collagen production, improves cell microcirculation, and combines the essence of facial mask to achieve the effect of skin beautification.

What effect can LED light treatment have on your skin?
  • Blue Light Therapy: For acne-prone skin, this treatment is excellent for removing bothersome zits. Blue light wavelengths have been found in clinical trials to cure acne successfully
  • Red light is employed for anti-aging concerns because it stimulates collagen formation. Use red light therapy if you are concerned about redness and anti-aging
  • Orange Light Therapy: It has anti-inflammatory properties and treats rosacea and redness. Apply to dull skin to help it shine

How Long Has Red LED Light Therapy been available?

Red LED light treatment sprang into popularity in 1903, when Danish scientist Niels Ryberg Finsen received the Nobel Prize for developing light therapy for skin TB. Next, NASA investigated red light therapy on astronauts and discovered that it might increase cellular function and counteract the consequences of being in zero gravity.

Because at-home LED therapy devices are less intense than dermatologist-provided treatments, they may be used safely, albeit the benefits may take longer to manifest. Additionally, at-home

equipment such as the Biohackn mask "may provide additional benefits to your topicals and assist them in performing a better job," according to the research.

We made it easy

With the Biohackn mask, get rid of all the wires and go wireless, allowing you to mask from anywhere - even when you're not plugged in!

Usage Suggestion:
  • After washing, wrap the strap over the head of the device and drape it over the face
  • Press and hold the power button for two seconds to switch on the device, then pick a light setting by pressing M (red, blue, red, or blue) and use
  • After treatment, the device will shut down automatically
Methods of application
  1. Power on/off with a short press of the power key
  2. There are four settings available: "automatic mode," "Red light," "Blue light," and "Orange light"
  3. Red light: A lot of red light and graphene heat up, with some blue light thrown in for good measure
  4. Blue light: Lots of blue light and graphene heat up, with some orange light thrown in for good measure
  5. Orange light: Lots of orange light and graphene heat up, with some red light thrown in for good measure
  6. Automatic Mode: Cycle through the three modes in succession. Every minute, switch
  7. Working Time: Each mode has a working time of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the machine shuts down, restarts, and returns to automated mode
  8. You may use the gadget while it is charging. When the device is in use, the charger is attached, which has the impact of increasing the brightness of the light and the temperature of the heating
  9. When the battery power is low, the lighting brightness and heating temperature may be lowered; this is a typical occurrence that may be restored after the battery is fully charged
  10.  It is advised to use 2-3 times charging once to assure the usage of the effect
  11. Working Hours: 10 minutes per mode. After 10 minutes, the machine will shut down automatically and restart in "automatic mode"

Light Therapy Facemask FAQs

This mask is an at-home version of Biohackns' Anti-aging Treatment that helps to strengthen, renew, brighten, lift, and plump your skin. LED treatment introduces light energy into the body to revitalize and increase cell activity, kicking off the rejuvenation process and treating all layers of the skin.

It hydrates and conditions the outer cells while also stimulating the deeper cells. The red 633nm light stimulates Collagen, promotes healing, calms redness, and evens skin tone, making it an ideal therapy for slowing the aging process and mitigating the detrimental effects of the sun or lifestyle factors. It aids in aging, promotes healing and regeneration, and increases blood and lymph circulation.
There are many masks in the market, and most of them offer some light therapy. Still, very few of them are made with true anti-aging in mind. Biohackn offers the same anti-aging light technology we have used in our bigger pannels in a 3-in-1 Advanced Light Therapy Mask that improves skin elasticity and inhibits the creation of melanin pigment. The Biohackn Advanced Light Therapy Mask was created for face beauty and utilizes natural light waves that are transferred into the skin via LEDs.

By improving the complexion, the light triggers photoreceptors in skin cells, creating energy for absorption by skin components. Collagen boosting and skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and prevention, and aid with fatty regions. Use for roughly 10 - 20 minutes daily to see visible benefits in 3–5 weeks.
Red light therapy infrared treatment is one of the most effective methods to cleanse your body naturally. Red light improves the healing of wounded tissue by positively impacting fibroblasts (connective tissue cells required for repair) and promoting cell proliferation and DNA and protein synthesis, all of which are necessary during tissue repair and regeneration. Enhanced circulation, as well as increased blood flow and oxygenation, can give relief to people suffering from chronic pain and other diseases.

Red light has been shown to activate and positively alter biological processes in the skin by renewing fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and skin tissue. According to experts, it can also help activate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, fade scars and stretch marks, and may help with hair growth or loss prevention.
Light treatment masks don't have to come in a one-size-fits-all style. You can determine where the cheeks, forehead, and eyes will be placed on the mask based on your target market. This allows you to control how the mask fits on your client's or your face.
The Biohackn mask can cover all your face. However, you may not require your mask to give complete coverage. Consider which parts of the face you want to treat, as you may only want to make a mask for one of them.
After years of avoiding the sun's UV rays in the name of good skin, it may seem counter-intuitive to intentionally treat your face with light. However, facialists, dermatologists, beauty editors, and the American Academy of Dermatology all concur that LED light treatments are safe and beneficial for your skin because they do not employ UV radiation. LED light treatment masks are also popular among celebrities with flawless skin, such as Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson.

However, there are a few of caveats: You should avoid using LED masks in conjunction with skincare that makes your skin sensitive to light, such as retinol or Accutane. LED light treatment mask side effects are uncommon, however, they have been recorded in clinical trials.
Biohackn Advanced Anti-Aging Mask is a non-invasive, painless skin treatment course with no chemical additives, no light harm, and significant results. Red light release of 620-630 nm wavelength can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and promote the growth of Collagen under the skin, thus eliminating wrinkles and activating the skin; blue light release of 460-470 nm wavelength can effectively eliminate acne bacilli, root acne, and improve the pore environment.

Orange light can reduce pigmentation, increase microcirculation and enhance cellular oxygenation.

FITS YOUR FACE - Unlike many other wearables LED gadgets, the Biohackns Mask is comprised of unique flexible silicone that fits completely around the face, allowing light to permeate every part of the skin.


• ANTI-AGING - As we age, our skin loses 20 to 80 percent of its thickness. With the Biohackn Mask, you'll have noticeably firmer, younger-looking skin.

• FIRMS SKIN - The Red Light promotes collagen formation, reduces redness, and evens out skin tone, increasing circulation, blood flow, and oxygen to the skin's cells.

OUTCOME - With the Biohackn mask you should expect to see obvious effects in 4 weeks if you use the device 3 to 5 times each week and it only takes 10 minutes to finish a treatment. 95 percent of customers reported an improvement in skin tone, texture, firmness, and tightness.
•It is prohibited to use in pregnant women, and while the Nano light source has no effect on the fetus, it is still not suggested

•It is not permitted to be used by those who have epilepsy

•It is not to be used in thyroid disease patients or thyroid medicine users

•Not recommended for persons who have mild allergies
•After usage, clean the host machine with a dry towel; do not wash it immediately with water

•If this product is damaged, please do not use it again

•Disassembly of this product is absolutely forbidden

•Keep cool and dry, away from moisture and direct sunshine

•Please do not immerse the product in liquid

•Keep away from children

•Please keep fire and caustic substances at a safe distance

•Please do not attempt to disassemble or repair this product on your own

•To avoid distortion and damage, do not apply excessive pressure
Despite the fact that RLT has been around since 1903, it has only lately become a common treatment that people utilize to treat a wide range of issues. Biohackn creates FDA-approved, professional-grade light therapy devices that may be utilized in-office or at home or on the road. Our lightweight, portable designs are great for storage and travel, and our revolutionary flexible technology allows you to tailor the LED light near to your body for optimum absorption and efficiency.

Our red light treatment devices boost cellular health by hastening the repair and replacement of damaged tissue cells. While comparable devices promise to perform the same thing, they sometimes need the purchase of various panels and accessories in order to treat particular ailments or suit different body types.

Biohackn, on the other hand, provides a handy solution in the form of a flexible, all-in-one system that you can rely on. If you're ready to give red light treatment a go, Biohackn is the clear option throughout the world. Biohackn devices are inspired by light and scientifically proven to promote cellular health and minimize the effects of aging, relieve pain, accelerate healing, and much more.