Red Infrared Light Therapy by Biohackn to Safely Regrow Hair Follicles

By: Sophia Ratilla

Biohackn’s Hair Loss hack!

Whatever the reason of hair loss, one thing is certain: treating it early is the greatest method to reverse the indications of thinning, shedding, and balding. Low-level light treatment devices are suggested instruments for strengthening hair follicles and producing all-natural healthy hair from inside.

Biohackn is the global pioneer in at-home hair regeneration technology, Discover the Science of Hair Growth and how Biohackn may assist you in growing your hair. 

Our Biohackn light cap has been calibrated to produce a 650 nm wavelength, which has been clinically proved to help in hair growth stimulation. One thing to keep in mind is that effects do not appear overnight and might take time, so patience is required. Because we do not lose all of our hair overnight, it is critical that you use the device regularly and for the entire seven months. It's not unusual for certain people to experience this.

Biohackn capWhat Is a Hair Loss Cap?

Light-based hair regeneration devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including headgear, helmets, caps, combs, and headbands. To stimulate the scalp and hair follicles, at biohackn we chose to go with a cap design that effectively targets all areas of hair loss and most hair loss patterns

At Biohackn, we have used the same anti-aging light technology used in all of our other products that release photons that enter the scalp and target the follicles. The light emitted is in the red or infrared spectrum. Photons from low-level light can stimulate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) generation in follicle cells, increasing hair growth and metabolism. According to the Hair Society, laser radiation can also revitalize cells by encouraging blood flow and nutrient transfer.

Biohackn Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes the Biohackn cap for Hair Regrowth models?

Biohackn uses 180 frequency-specific red and near-infrared light in our caps. The density of coverage rises as the number of diodes increases. The advantage is that more hair follicles are targeted, allowing for denser, fuller therapeutic treatment and, eventually, outcomes.

This is how it works

• Increases ATP generation, which gives energy to hair follicles.
• Helps to boost protein synthesis in order to promote cell permeability, which aids in the flow of nutrients and oxygen to cells.
• Increases blood circulation, which allows more vitamins, minerals, and oxygen to reach the hair follicle, boosting development. It also aids in the removal of waste, such as DHT, which is a major factor to hair loss.
• Stimulates cell proliferation at the follicle's base, allowing it to enter the growth (Anagen) phase and quickly create new cells for hair growth. This new thicker hair (terminal hair) replaces the tiny, fine wispy hairs (miniaturized pattern hair loss hair).
• Aids in the reduction of hair follicle irritation, which contributes to miniaturization.

    *One thing to keep in mind is that outcomes are not usually quick and do not occur overnight. It is critical to be patient and to utilize your laser cap gadget every other day for the entire seven months. Keep in mind, however, that based on testimonies like these, clients might experience considerable hair growth in as little as four months.

    How frequently should I put on my Biohackn light treatment cap?

    Biohackn light treatment hats are meant to be worn for at least 10 minutes each day. Continuous-wave technology ensures that photonic energy is distributed evenly during the treatment session. Compliance with this treatment program is advised in order to preserve the greatest outcomes. The use of Biohackn products should not be stopped.

    Are Biohackn cap safe to use?

    Yes. Biohackn technique makes use of a specific form of low-level light with a wavelength of 650nm and 850nm. This wavelength of light corresponds to visible red light. Light energy is regenerative and does not harm skin cells. Light, on the other hand, is absorbed by the skin without producing any pain or discomfort. 

    Is it necessary for me to trim my hair in order for the Biohackn cap to work?

    No. Hair cutting or trimming is not essential for the majority of people. Typically,  light is shone through individual strands of hair to reach the scalp underneath. Biohackn cap offer a smooth  interior and a flexible fit that adjusts to your scalp gently. There are no protruding lumps or comb-like teeth to be found. Instead, low-level laser light is shone through individual hair strands to readily reach the scalp beneath.

    Don't put it off. Get Help Right Away

    The sooner you treat the signs of hair loss, the better your chances of avoiding permanent harm. Speak with a medical professional now to get started on your path to a fuller head of hair.