How does Biohackn's Red / Near-Infrared Light aids with Sports Performance?

Author: Sophia Ratilla

To get the most out of your training and competition sessions, make sure your body is properly renewing in between bouts of exertion. 

One of the simplest methods to accomplish this is? Therapy using red light. Athletes can recover quicker and become better equipped to manage hard training regimens on a regular basis by using red light therapy.

This non-invasive treatment can relieve sore muscles, help in the healing of sports injuries, and enhance overall wellbeing. Light treatment is directing certain wavelengths of light from a light source, such as an LED, to a body component. 

The light enters the skin, causing tissue regeneration to begin. Users may handle not just pain, but also other conditions, all from the comfort of their own homes, with the aid of over-the-counter red, LED gadgets. 

Continue reading to find out how to utilize red light therapy for sports injuries, muscular discomfort, and other concerns that athletes face.

Athletic Firepower

Higher cellular energy equals increased overall body energy. Enhanced energy inside your cells leads to increased stamina and endurance, gains in strength and speed, and a return to your peak performance level.

Cellular oxidation (the process by which your body rids itself of waste items) gets more efficient as your cells become more active. Your stamina and endurance grow in a direct link when your body disposes of waste more efficiently.

More capillaries (fine blood vessels) exist to carry oxygen and important nutrients to your cells when you have better circulation. Less muscle injury during exercises is caused by increased oxygenation and cellular nourishment. 

This implies you may increase your training intensity, experience less tissue injury, and recover faster after exercise.

With more energy, cells perform their specific activities more effectively, resulting in decreased muscular fatigue and the capacity of your body to finish more strenuous workouts while feeling less exhausted. 

The beginning of post-workout muscular soreness is postponed, and the discomfort is reduced.

The molecular alterations induced by red light treatment act in tandem to elevate you to your peak athletic performance level.

The Perks of Light Therapy for Athletes

The advantages of light treatment for athletes have been demonstrated time and again. LED light treatment dramatically lowers the amount of time it takes players to return to play after suffering a sports injury. 

If you are an athlete, you understand how critical it is to perform at your best. The issue with training is that it may be physically demanding. Whenever we work out, our bodies rebel and beg us to quit. Light treatment works in two ways: it suppresses melatonin and increases human growth hormone release.

Research published in the journal Laser Therapy tracked a group of university athletes to see how long it took them to recover from injuries. The participants had a mean RTP time of 9.6 days, compared to a mean expected RTP duration of 19.23 days.

What is the mechanism of action of red light therapy in the treatment of pain?

The red light treatment stimulates cell regeneration and increases blood flow. Essentially, these devices assist mitochondria in muscular cells in completing their respiration cycle more effectively, resulting in decreased tiredness in the muscles.

Improving the mitochondrial respiration cycle results in improved activation and production of muscle stem cells, which eventually evolve into the healthy muscular tissue. This suggests that athletes who employ red light treatment on their muscles can benefit from long-term healthy muscular tissue.

In addition, red light treatment lowers inflammation, which destroys cells and causes muscular pain. 

Light therapy has also been demonstrated to assist muscles to expand, making it not only a valuable tool for workout recuperation but also a boost to make your workouts more successful.

Athletic Recovery and Inflammation

Recovery is an important component of performance and muscle injury prevention in sports and training. 

Pro athletes must be able to save energy and reduce strain. While assessing an athlete's capacity to return to play, sports medicine doctors look at two key indicators: pain and inflammation, which are present in almost every common sports injury. 

Athletes who heal more quickly from minor injuries and inflammation have a higher chance of remaining successful for extended periods of time.

How Longer Does Red Light Therapy Take to Heal Muscles After a Workout?

Because of the moderate, warm sensation provided by red light therapy, some muscular pain alleviation may be felt immediately following post-workout treatment. 

The outcome will differ from person to person and depending on the intensity of the pain or damage. Each person's reaction to red light treatment is unique.

However, it is evident that red light treatment will improve sports performance, shorten recovery time, and assist avoid injury in anyone.

As an Athlete, How Do You Use Light Therapy?

To proceed, you will require red or infrared light treatment equipment such as Biohackn. You can use Biohackn’s light therapy with normal exercises or while playing, or for specific injuries sustained on the field, court, or in the gym. Before beginning a new pain management or treatment program, always speak with your coach.

What exactly is Red Light Therapy? 

Red light therapy, also characterized as photobiomodulation (PBM) or low-level light therapy (LLLT), is a simple, non-invasive treatment that uses LEDs to deliver red and near-infrared (NIR) light wavelengths directly to the skin and cells.

Red light treatment allows a person to enhance their natural sunshine with focused wavelengths of red and NIR light. 

This provides the light required by the mitochondria in your cells to promote ATP energy production and power your body.


 Which Red Light Therapy Devices Are the Most Effective for Athletes?

Depending on the technology, red light treatment can be conveniently provided in the comfort of your own home or even at the gym or playing field. 

Smaller equipment is more portable and may be taken to the gym, track, playing field, or anywhere you exercise.  Light panels are inconvenient for this function. Which gadgets you use will be determined by your personal performance goals and recuperation requirements. 

There is no need to make pricey medical or spa visits on a regular basis.

You just need to buy your device(s) once, so there are no ongoing costs.

Red light therapy aids in recovery and healing.

When you work out or are wounded, inflammation is common and natural. Moreover, if your body is out of balance and you are unable to recuperate effectively, you may develop chronic inflammation, which may hinder your athletic ability. 

Getting enough healthy light is essential for workout recovery and pushing your body through the natural inflammatory response. Red light treatment improves cellular function, increases blood flow to injured tissues, and aids in natural inflammation reduction, as evidenced by a number of clinical investigations.

Summary: Biohackn’s Red Light Therapy Helps You Perform Better and Recover Faster
Men and women of various ages, body shapes, and fitness levels have shown significant physical performance increases when combining red light therapy usage with exercise trial after trial. 

The clinical results are consistent with what world-class pro athletes and trainers witness on the field and in the gym on a daily basis. If you're seeking a natural way to improve your athletic performance, red light therapy is producing impressive results. 

Great athletes such as Patrick Peterson, Lauren Fendrick, and TJ Dillashaw, as well as weekend warriors looking to get in better condition, look nice, and demonstrate something extra in an intramural league or pickup game.