Molecular Hydrogen Research and References

Hydrogen: A Novel Option in Human Disease Treatment
How does oxidative stress affect the body?
Molecular Hydrogen as a Potential Antioxidant
Molecular Hydrogen: Transcending Treatment Modalities
Molecular Hydrogen as a new Antioxidant
Suppression of Molecular Hydrogen
The Hydrogen Molecule's Versatility 
Hydrogen Gas: A Treatment for Asthmatics and COPD Patients
Molecular Hydrogen: Slows the severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis
The Potency of Hydrogen-Enriched Water
Hydrogen-Water: Bathing benefits in psoriasis and parapsoriasis patients
H2's genuine use potential in a variety of medical sectors
The benefits of consuming Hydrogen-Enrich Water 
The Role of Hydrogen in Alzheimer’s Disease
Hydrogen: A Potential New Adjuvant Therapy for COVID-19 Patients
Hydrogen: A Novel Option in Human Disease Treatment
Hydrogen Water: Miracle Drink or Overhyped Myth?
Molecular hydrogen: As a Therapy Strategy
Oxidative Stress: Harms and Benefits for Human Health
The Perks of Hydrogen Breathing
Hydrogen and Oxygen Mixture to Improve Cardiac Dysfunction and Myocardial Pathological Changes Induced by Intermittent Hypoxia in Rats
Beneficial Effects of Hydrogen Gas Inhalation on a Murine Model of Allergic Rhinitis
Inhalation of High Concentrations of Hydrogen Ameliorates Liver Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
Hydrogen Inhibits the Proliferation and Migration of Gastric Cancer Cells
Recent Progress Toward Hydrogen Medicine: Potential of Molecular Hydrogen for Preventive and Therapeutic Applications
Inhaled Hydrogen Gas Therapy for prevention of Lung Transplant-induced Ischemia/Reperfusion injury in rats
Protective Effects of Hydrogen Gas on Murine Polymicrobial Sepsis
Hydrogen: Therapy for the treatment of an Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Hydrogen Water: Are There Health Benefits?
Antitumor effects of Nano-bubble Hydrogen-Dissolved Water are enhanced by Coexistent Platinum Colloid and the combined Hyperthermia with Apoptosis-like Cell Death
Effects of drinking Hydrogen-rich water on the quality of life of patients treated with Radiotherapy for Liver Tumors

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