How does Biohackn’s Molecular Hydrogen help reverse aging?

by: Sophia Ratilla

Molecular Hydrogen can play a vital role in reversing apparent indications of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, as well as combating other signs such as drooping skin and age spots. When we are young, our bodies create enough of it to keep us feeling vibrant and youthful. 

Aging symptoms arise as we age and contaminants such as free radicals and external pollution slow down the creation of this remarkable protein. A single hydrogen molecule may infiltrate our DNA and heal cellular damage, reversing aging at the molecular level. 

It has been proven to boost stem cells and essential DNA repair enzymes (such as PCG-1a) while also enhancing mitochondrial function through its capacity to increase antioxidant enzymes SOD2 and SOD3. It's said to be a potent breathing elixir for living a better and longer life. It also helps to counteract aging, increase energy, and enhance memory!

What the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen for your skin?

Scientific articles have extensively proven the health advantages of enhanced hydrogen water. It not only helps to regenerate your internal organs, but hydrogen is also an antioxidant that protects your skin.

Hydrogen H2 is the best suited. Why?

  1. Microscopic Dimensions Because of its small size, hydrogen is a particularly potent antioxidant. Hydrogen is the tiniest molecule capable of penetrating deep into your body's tissues. Molecular hydrogen is superior to all the strongest antioxidant we have been using such as
• Vitamin C= Hydrogen is 170x stronger
• Glutathione= Hydrogen is 300 x stronger
• Vitamin E= Hydrogen is 430 x stronger
  1. There is no toxicity. The only byproduct of hydrogen neutralizing free radicals is water. When Vitamin C neutralizes a free radical, it transforms into a less active free radical known as ascorbic. Vitamin C has been a popular skin care fad, but Hydrogen Water is quickly becoming the latest sought after trend.
  2. Selectivity. Some modest amounts of oxidative stress safeguard our tissues, thus it is critical not to disrupt this natural equilibrium, which hydrogen does not as it targets the oxidants which are the most harmful for us.
  3. Synergy. Our bodies have an antioxidant system called the antioxidant response element that is naturally built-in, and hydrogen helps to increase this system.
  4. Inflammation is reduced. Antioxidants, such as hydrogen, help to decrease inflammation.

What are the Antioxidants and Oxidants derived from Biohackn’s Molecular Hydrogen?

Antioxidants are beneficial chemicals that prevent other molecules from oxidizing. In our bodies, oxidation is a chemical reaction that can create free radicals, causing a chain reaction that can harm our cells. Antioxidants, fortunately for us, decrease or destroy free radicals. Free radicals harm the cell walls of your skin, making it difficult to get nutrients into cells and waste byproducts out of them.

Furthermore, free radicals have the ability to limit mitochondrial energy production to your cells, resulting in a shortage of energy or even DNA damage, which can lead to serious sickness or permanent disease. The primary cause of illness in the human body is inflammation. Because oxidative stress causes inflammation, reducing inflammation is extremely helpful to both your general health and the health of your skin.

To counteract oxidative stress, the human body's maintenance system employs a mechanism of overlapping antioxidants such as glutathione and enzymes created internally, as well as ingested antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E found in fruits and vegetables. Some skincare brands,also contain Vitamins A, C, and E.

Oxidative stress can be caused by a variety of factors, including sun exposure, air pollution, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, strenuous physical activity, and so on. We all experience oxidative stress, and antioxidants may help combat it, but the trouble emerges when free radicals win. 

What exactly is Oxidation Stress?

Because they interact in a harmful way with other healthy cells, free radicals induce oxidative stress. Free radicals are neutralized by molecular hydrogen, which converts them to harmless water. Furthermore, H2 repairs cell damage such that free radicals are no longer created.

What distinguishes Hydrogen from other chemicals in moisturizers, such as botanical oils or hyaluronic acid, in terms of skin hydration?

The underlying cause of skin dryness is usually an inflammatory condition. Hydrogen is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemical. Hydrogen rapidly enters all layers of the skin, and by inhibiting inflammation, the skin may hydrate considerably faster than hydration alone. For than 20 years, this notion has served as the foundation for many medicines, and it is maybe the most potent anti-inflammatory that have investigated to date.

How Can Biohackn's Molecular Hydrogen Assist?

According to research, molecular hydrogen has a favorable effect on telomerase activity. As a result, the anti-aging properties of molecular hydrogen are enhanced.

Drinking hydrogen-enriched water boosts telomerase activity, according to a research published in the American Journal of Food and Nutrition. As a result, it has a high potential for anti-aging effects.

Another study discovered that hydrogen-rich water influences both telomerase activity and SIRT1 gene expression. SIRT1 is another biomarker implicated in the aging process. This study went on to say that hydrogen-enriched water works similarly to insulin, which means it might benefit people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Another study published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology discovered that bathing in hydrogen-enriched water reduced the development of wrinkles.

Cell Signaling and Molecular Hydrogen

Cell signaling, metabolism, and gene expression all benefit from molecular hydrogen. This is a gift for individuals looking for anti-aging advantages as well as relief from other diseases. H2 has the ability to reduce diseases caused by inflammation as well as allergies by positively altering several systems within the cell. This advantage has the ability to both prevent and mitigate the impacts of obesity.

Additional Advantages of H2

Because H2 is so tiny (smaller than any molecule), it may easily enter the cell. This implies that H2 can enter the mitochondria, where nutrients are turned into energy, in addition to gene expression. Furthermore, the antioxidant effects of H2 promote a variety of defensive reactions in the body. Finally, molecular hydrogen is a potent weapon in the fight against oxidative stress.

Biohackn Provides Anti-Aging Benefits

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