The world's most advanced anti-aging mask

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Most advanced Anti-Aging Mask

Light Therapy has been one of the oldest recorded systems for healing used by the Indians, Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks. We combined that knowledge and harnessed the power of two of the best kind of light for your health and wellness.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Improves Skin Health

Promotes Cellular Health

Improve Circulation

Reduces Recovery Time

Reduces Inflammation

Increases Fertility

Reduces Pain

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RED 630 NM

Enhance cellular energy
Reverse skin aging
Regenerate skin
Improve blood circulation
Improve collagen production
Reduce wrinkles
Revitalize the skin


Treat acne
Remove the acne bacteria
Treat sun damage
Treat skin inflammation
Improve skin texture


Improve cellular oxygen capacity
Increase Microcirculation
Dilutes pigment
Reduces skin roughness

Truly wireless and lightweight, which makes traveling easier. With The Biohackn Mask, you no longer have to go to expensive beauty salons or spas. Instead, get the same treatment from the comfort of your couch.

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