Blood Flow Restriction Occlusion Training Bands for Arms and Legs

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What is the Biohackn Blood Flow Restriction system? Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) are specially designed bands that allow you to perform blood flow restriction (BFR) or occlusion training. BFR is a highly advanced and effective method of building muscle and getting all the health benefits of exercise by using as...
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What is the Biohackn Blood Flow Restriction system?

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) are specially designed bands that allow you to perform blood flow restriction (BFR) or occlusion training. BFR is a highly advanced and effective method of building muscle and getting all the health benefits of exercise by using as little as 10 % of the weights compared to traditional strength training, which requires at least 60 - 70% of your one-rep max.

Benefits of Biohackns ultimate blood flow restriction system.

Increasing “Fitness hormones” such as IGF1 and growth hormone up to 290X.

  • Building more muscle and strength with the least effort.
  • Lowering the risk of injuries.
  • Hacking directly into Type 2 muscle fibers.
  • Quick recovery.
  • Increasing blood flow and growth of new blood vessels.
  • Increasing Muscle stem cells.

Better ‘Mapping,’ your brain's primary job is safety and prediction before the performance. The BFR Bands may enhance this by activating mechanoreceptors (stretch), baroreceptors (pressure), and chemoreceptors (from blood chemistry changes) in the limbs that strengthen your brain's 'map' of where your body is relative to space. With this increased awareness, your brain's threat level decreases, which means strength and performance go up.

Biohackns BFR bands are ideal for assisting both women and men. They can be used for yoga, pilates, barbell, squat, equipment training, and beach body workouts. It works for different body parts such as Arms, Legs, Butt, Thigh, Glutes, Hip.

  • BFR is specially designed Resistance Bands is with a light and special buckle which can tighten the bands well, and it won't get loose, so no moving.

  • BFR is adjustable for different sizes of women and men, And the portable bands are Easy to Use & Carry anywhere, at the home, gym, outdoors or travel.

  • BFR is made by high-class thick, densified fabric with solid elasticity. Improve exercise effect by high resistance, and even using for a long time, it will keep good elasticity without loosening.
  • Blood Flow Restriction Bands FAQs

    Once you put on the bands, they slow down the blood flow that exits the limbs via the veins. This creates a pool of blood, causing low oxygen (Hypoxic) environment. As you work out and use the muscle, they use up all the remaining oxygen and other nutrients in the blood. As this happens, the working muscle cannot keep up with the exercise contraction, and neighboring muscle fibers come to help until they reach a failure.

    This is when your brain realizes something is not right and shoots out favorable anabolic hormones in the bloodstream to increase growth and strength to keep up with the exercise. This is an adaptive response achieved in traditional resistance training by using heavyweight and many sets. However, using heavier weights with so many sets also damages the nervous system, joints and can open you to the possibility of many injuries. Once all the beneficial hormones are circulating throughout the body, they can accelerate muscle growth and recovery.
    Yes, it does. Many research labs, studies, and individuals have reported BFR training to have similar gains in strength and muscle as much as your maximal resistance training.
    You will see a difference in muscle pumps in the first session itself. However, we usually recommend up to 10 sessions to see significant differences in muscle mass and strength.
    Using BFR bands often provides a higher surge of anabolic hormones post-workout with lighter weights. As a result, BFR training sessions are shorter, and the training environment reduces injuries due to the low weights used.
    Well, gaining muscle usually depends on rest and nutrition. Biohackn BFR bands provide you with the anabolic ( growth ) hormones to facilitate muscle development and burn fat. The growth hormone spike post-workout has been shown to reduce body fat and make people achieve a leaner look.
    Yes, it does. We want more lactic acid as it is one of the key drivers to growth and muscle stimulation.
    PUMPED! You are going to feel the pump in the first session. Some users report a happy high/ euphoric state. This could be due to the release of beta-endorphins in the brain, which has a natural euphoric, healing, and anabolic effect.
    BFR training is very safe. Here are a few best practices to ensure no side effects :
    • Do not put the bands too tight.
    • Don lift heavier weights
    • Stick to a timeframe of 20 minutes per workout
    • Always use the bands in the correct location.
    BFR training increases heart rate, positively affecting the cardiovascular system by increasing blood and Vascular endothelial growth factors.
    No, BFR training reduces varicosities. In addition, using BFR training increases blood flow post work.
    No, everyone can enjoy the benefits of Biohackn BFR training, including men and women. BFR is excellent for injured individuals who find it difficult to lift heavy weights and build strength, for athletes to boost their performance and gains without getting injured or wrecking their nervous system.
    The application of BFR is so versatile that you can use it in a home workout while swimming while taking your dog for a walk, cycling, and many others. You could use BFR nearly for everything. In the weight room or at home, you can use BFR if you don't have access to heavyweight or if you want to do bodyweight exercises.
    Not! We are only trying to limit venous blood flow while keeping arteria blood flow in check. To achieve this, you do not have to have the bands tight.
    In Japan, BFR training has been used for years to rehabilitate and recover many medical conditions, including stroke. Usually, with stroke, we experience a death in motor pathways and nerves. Using BFR can help in the recovery of the motor pathways which are damaged but not dead. Moreover, due to so many new anabolic hormones and growth factors like VEGF, people can experience neuronal growth, which will help them get healthy neurons that can become a game-changer.
    Learning from the scientific literature, we know you can go as low as 10-20 % of your one-rep-max, which is highly effective and recommended.
    If you are a highly advanced athlete, you may do so. However, we recommend people use only one set of bands at a time, especially when they are new to BFR. It is important to note: Please listen to your body. If you feel light-headed, take a break, remove the bands and make sure you are hydrated.
    Many women use blood flow restriction to reach their aesthetic, fitness, and athletic goals. However, the way physiology works are to gain a lot of muscle. You have to invest in specific nutrition. If you are a woman and aren't eating the same macros as a bodybuilder, you won't gain muscle but lose fat, get stronger, and become a better athlete.
    Gym Hack BFR training should be done at least 2-3 times a week to see results.
    The beauty of Gym Hack BFR is that once you put them on your arms, you will experience a systemic boost in all other muscles. So using your arm or leg bands will help you with getting sharper abs.
    You can use Biohackn BFR in all situations. However, we recommend that you try using the bands at the end of your workout session. Here is why :
    • You get the benefits of your typical workout at the beginning.
    • Your training will already cause a surge of hormonal spikes and metabolic by-products, which will reduce the time it takes for Biohackn bands to cause significant muscle fiber failure.
    Biohackn BFR bands are easy to use with all your clients. You can use Biohackn BFR bands during warm-ups, recovery-focused training, and of course, muscle/strength building. Since BFR training doesn't require heavier loads, it does minor muscle damage, and it's easy for your clients to recover quickly compared to the traditional training scenario where the muscle and nervous system can take up to 48 hours to recover.
    • You can use the bands on your arms right below the deltoid and above the bicep muscle.
    • Place your bands on the upper part of the quad, where you find it comfortable.
    • When you place your Gym Hack bands in these locations, it allows for maximum BFR to all muscles.
    Yes, once you reach muscle fatigue or failure and cannot complete any other rep, this will generate the biggest anabolic and growth factors.